Jan 21, 2010

Rhee Says RIF'ed Teachers Abused And Molested Students

Rhee-Gate..... the plot thickens
In Fast Company's February magazine issue, Chancellor Rhee is quoted as saying that DC teachers were laid off because they hit children, had sex with children and missed 78 days of work. I am starting to get a 'brain cramp' from all of Rhee's variations of the truth about the real reason why DC teachers were laid off on November 2, 2009.
Hmmmm it looks like to me that Rhee is having one too many bi-polar moments and seems unable to keep up with what she previously reported on TV news stations, in print media as well as before the DC City Council under oath. If we are to believe the latest on what Rhee reports in Fast Company's February issue, then we have to ask ourselves is Rhee suggesting that 266 teachers are guilty of deviant acts such as child abuse , child molestation (like Kevin Johnson was alleged at St. Hope) and employees who abuse their sick leave ? Don't you find it a bit odd that we are just hearing about this, three months after teacher layoffs in November 2009. I don't know about you but I'm ready to recommend that Chancellor Rhee submit for a fitness for duty examination because these are the rants of either a 'mad or very confused woman.' I'd love to hear your thoughts on the latest Rhee-Gate episode of DC teacher bashing
Mon Feb 1, 2010
"Eighteen months after we profiled Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee ("The Iron Chancellor," September 2008), she still hasn't won union approval of a new contract. After the October layoffs of 266 teachers and staff, the union claimed Rhee used a budget crunch as a pretext for dismissing veteran teachers, since seniority rules don't cover cuts for fiscal reasons. "I got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school," Rhee says. "Why wouldn't we take those things into consideration?" The release of 2009 test scores was good news for Rhee: Only D.C. and four states showed gains in math for fourth and eighth graders. "We're not good yet," she says, "but I'm seeing the quality of instruction improving."
Posted by The Washington Teacher, featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence, update courtesy of Fast Company magazine, picture courtesy of Ed Notes on line education blog.


Kings said...

so either Rhee is holding on to sexual predators until a RIF or she's falsely accusing teachers of crimes. I'm not a lawyer, but both of these sound illegal to me.

Candi, you're a social worker, what are the laws on this type of teacher behavior?

PhillipMarlowe said...

As a posted at FastCompany, what Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman applies to Michelle Rhee:
Everything she writes is a lie. Include an and the.

What will the Post editors have to say about this?
What about Jay Mathews?

NYC Educator said...

Amazing they can simply change stories like that...of course Rhee is a pro at it, given her ever-evolving account of her fabulous but wholly undocumented teaching career.

Anonymous said...

As serious and devastating as the issue of child abuse is, I am appauled that she would make light of the issue by flippantly lying on our teachers.

Anonymous said...

This is just disgusting. I'm sorry, but what a bitch.

Anonymous said...

If any type of abuse is suspected, DCPS had this procedure in place (not sure since MR took over):

The police / assistant supt. should have been notified immediately or upon learning of such events. A written report is forwarded to DCPS security office. An investigation takes place. Based on the results of the investigation, that teacher can be removed from school, suspended and/or terminate. The outcomes is determined by the investigation findings.

Based on the results, MR may not have been able to terminate those individuals, so she used the rif to do so.

I believe she is liar. She will say and do anything to justify her decision as being the right on.

Classic said...

I don't even know what else to say. I am just in tears because I am so fustrated and tired. She lies, she cheats, she steals. She gets away with it. It just seems that nothing can stop her, nothing can touch her .. is she in the mafia or something? I just don't know what else to do at this point. I tried to post on the the article but I don't know if it posted... i was having some problems .. fishy!!!

The Wash. Teacher said...

If there is a suspicion of child abuse be it physical or sexual it must be reported. most in schools including teachers are mandatory reporters and must report child abuse.

If a report was filed, then an investigation of a staff member alleged to commit any type of abuse is conducted. At that point it is out of the hands of DCPS. Typically staff are placed on administrative leave while the investigation takes place. These acts are taken seriously. If a staff person is found guilty of these type of crimes such as sexual abuse then it would not be surprising for them to do jail time.

I believe these statements by Rhee are more of her smear campaign to denigrate teachers throughout this county with no substantive evidence. Remember when Rhee claimed to raise test scores from approximately the 13th percentile to the 90th percentile with no proof.

What is most unfortunate is that our name is being smeared all over this country and any gains that DC schools make will never be taken seriously at least not under the helm of Rhee.

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous at 9:59pm

This is a do over: IIf any type of abuse is suspected, DCPS had this procedure in place (not sure since MR took over):

The police / assistant supt. should have been notified immediately or upon learning of such events. A written report is forwarded to DCPS security office. An investigation takes place. Based on the results of the investigation, that teacher can be removed from the school, suspended and/or terminated. The outcome is determined by the investigation findings.

Based on the results, MR may not have been able to terminate those individuals, so she used the rif to do so.

I believe she is a liar. She will say and do anything to justify her decision as being the right one.

AVParodi said...

I just saw this, very late at night, and I am just completely astonished. Dumbfounded. This is the kind of smear you would expect of the worst sort of mudslinging politician. To besmirch so many people, many, many of them good teachers (despite what Rhee tries to say)is the lowest act I think she has yet committed.

By the way the quote of Mary McCarthy's is this: "Every word she writes is a lie including AND and THE." Be careful, Mary McCarthy was sued for slander by Lillian Hellman and the issue was only settled with Hellman's death.

Anonymous said...

This B**** is absolutely ridiculous and crazy beyond belief. How irresponsible for her to know of abuse and to not report it. If she knew of it, why wasn't it reported. Oh! I guess the statute of limitations ran out in most cases. She's reckless and really should be held accountable for these words of slander.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible!! How can Rhee substantiate these accusations without any facts? Students protested because their teachers were being RIF 'ed. None of the students said or accused any teacher of any kind of abuse? It seems to me that Rhee is falling through the cracks with her unsubstantiated statements about budget cuts, (getting rid of veteran teachers, but yet she is continuing to hire new teachers without the experience or expertise in the fields of special ed, math, reading) .

What is going to be her next excuse why teachers were laid off? At this point, she has got to go. I really wonder what's going to be next?

Anonymous said...

Four Questions:

MR indicated that she got rid of bad people. Were any of the principals and staff who cheated on the DCCAS in 2008 and 2009 included in the rif?

Most of the schools from 2008 did not show the same growth but showed a decline in scores in 2009. Were the principals and teachers investigated again in 2009? When will the results of the 2009 investigation become available? Will these principals and teachers be terminated?

It is a shame that MR rif people who she and principals have targeted, The termination of new teachers and anyone else she thought of, so the DCPS would not get sued for discrimination, age nor racial.

JSS said...

Wait a minute. If you want to get rid of child molesters, et al., you say "ok, everyone accused of something, you're out" and then you fire however many there are (2 or 200). She picked a number FIRST and then they got rid of exactly that number of people. Secondly, she says "I got rid of...". Didn't she pick a number for each school of people to fire and then let the principals do the dirty work? This statement is really extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

People please! We know the teacher terminator is a bold faced liar! We needn't review student abuse policy here, because the baseless accusations are obviously being used to justify the rif's. I know of no rif'd persons including myself who were charged with abuse of any kind. What I would like to know is what can we do to fight back? Do I dare ask the union to respond?

Anonymous said...


She can protect the "good man" she is engaged to from allegations of sexual abouse but she will make a public statement regarding DC Teachers with no proof.

Where is the proof of these statements. And if there is any truth to her statements and she did not investigate and prosecute guilty individuals, SHE SHOULD PACK HER BAGS AND HEAD FOR "HELL".

Sheila H. Gill said...

To My Rif'd Colleagues:

Please don't fall for the foolishness and retain an attorney for slander/defamation of character, if needed.

Focus on the Real Question and Google:

What was Michelle Rhee's 'Damage Control' for Kevin Johnson?

Anonymous said...

Rhee has made some very serious allegations. Please don't rest until you get some answers. The community has a right to know who is running their schools.

Anonymous said...


If Rhee is not thrown out hitler style DC may be facing this kind of crap and by the way she has some that work in the central office.
Be sure to pay attention to the names: Kevin Jennings and Harry Hay and look up the connection between Jennings and Hay.



Anonymous said...

Don't let Rhee fool you. She is all for sexual deviance!

You have been warned, the people must act in a fierce manner to remove her from her position. She is backed by rich people who knew what she was going to do from the very start!!!!

Anonymous said...


You are reading the situation clearly. Rhee is backed by some very rich people who knew what she was going to do at the very beginning!

Anonymous said...

Bill Turque just posted a story about this and he's asked Rhee to comment:


Anonymous said...

If any of the allegations is proven to be false that MR alleged, and there is no paper work, no investigation results, and no written reprimand by a principal; then MR and the principals will be sued. This woman is crying out to be fired by Fenty. This woman was never qualified for the (made-up title-chancellor)job.

Anonymous said...

Well, the "B" terminated 275 teachers in June 2009. It's my
understanding that the reason was due to "gross misconduct." Funny, on my termination paperwork never said anything about "gross misconduct." If 275 teachers were terminated due to gross misconduct, where is the police report(s)? I never saw one nor
never involved myself in any sort of gross misconduct. Where are the police reports for the 266 teachers who are now being blamed for sexually abusing children or molesting kids?
Rhee is totally nuts, and needs immediate HELP via a psychiatrist. She has control and emotional issues that needs to be addressed. Why is Fenty not doing anything about Rhee, and ALLOWING her to get away with destroying people's lives? Fenty needs to open up his eyes, and do something about this woman!! Why is Fenty in support of this behavior Rhee is
displaying, and why does the City Council not step in knowing this woman is lying and destroying people's livlihoods?

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Fenty gave Rhee a substantial pay raise of something like 40K. Where in the world did the money come from? I thought there are budget issues, and this is why teachers are losing their job(s). Why is
Rhee being given a pay raise when she is creating so much havoc? Something not right here!!

Anonymous said...

The irony in this situation is that she is engaged to a child molester for whom she covered up in an official capacity while she was working for him in California. What a lying, manipulative, overrated bitch. Is she perhaps getting multiple posts confused?

Anonymous said...

This blog gets more entertaining every week.

Sharon B. said...

I beseech ALL rif'd teachers to find a really good lawyer and begin the process of suing her PERSONALLY..... This is the worst case of libel and slander that I've ever seen. We all know that those statements are false. Why do WE (collectively) continue to let her get away with such. WE need to get on TV and other venues and provide rebuttal on these and other accusations. When does it stop. In all of the other places she's been,sshe has only been allowed to get away with it here in the nations capital, Washington, DC. How can we get in touch with Anderson Cooper, and others. We've got to be proactive.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely flummoxed by Rhee's latest allegations.

Are these alleged abusers being investigated by police authorities? Are arrests in the pipeline? Are the children, the victims, receiving medical assistance?

Is Rhee gone mad as a hatter? She tossed off that comment like she was saying "have a good day" It was tantamount to a nuclear bomb going off in my head and I do not have chic nor child in DCPS.

Anonymous said...

as a former DCPS teacher, i think the teaching union is bad for students. the union makes it too hard to fire bad teachers. many of the teachers i worked with were lazy... just handing out photocopied worksheets for the students. protection from the union allows teachers to become complacent. why don't teachers want to be evaluated? read the blogs here on this website... teachers who are getting evaluated the next day spend "hours" the night before reviewing their lesson plans to prepare. why don't they do that every night? you're job as a teacher does not end at 3:15 or even 5:15. i remember doing my lesson plans until 8pm every night. i am sure that some of the 266 fired teachers were okay, but i'll bet the majority of them were ineffective. i support her decision to fire ineffective teachers. i think it will make other teachers really work hard.

Kings said...

to anon at 1:46 PM - No former teacher would come on here and give a lecture on good work habits to teachers who had just been publicly accused of child abuse.

Sharon B. said...

Well said King!!!!!!! BRAVO

DC Teaching Fellow said...

May Rhee rest well in hell. She doesn't need to pack her bags- she won't need any where she's going.

Anonymous said...

At this juncture in the road, MR will falsify documents to cover her lies.

She will do anything to save her "ass!"

In search of a superintendent said...

This story aired on Channel 5 news at 6 pm. The reporter went to Rhee's front door and she answered hiding behind the door refusing to give a comment. Rhee told the reporter to talk to her spokesperson which the reporter said that she had done as well as written an email to Rhee but couldn't get a response to her inquiries about these comments.

Funny how she goes into hiding after making these kind of comments and unwilling to substantiate or speak on the record about these claims. Hey hey ho ho it's time for Rhee to go!

Anonymous said...

Candi, I urge you to consider moderating comments from people who are saying Rhee should be put out "Hitler Style" or that she will burn in hell, etc. These are death threats.

To the other commenters. Please get a grip. Rhee did not say all of the teachers she dismissed were guilty of these offenses. But SOME of them were.

Anonymous said...

MR is hiding now, but by Monday, she will have names and documents. The police department will back her up because Fenty told them to do so.

Anonymous said...

Was this her big slip up? Can't wait until Monday. The DC office of the US Attorney is now involved. What will be the outcome of the sexualabuse gate allegations?

I don't know who is worse Rhee or Sarah Palin?

Anonymous said...

Rhee is dangerous and insane. However, name calling and protests are of no effect. As she is backed by some very rich people and the gov. obviously. This is to say the gov. approves of what she is doing.

Before you know it she and the gov. may be at your door to lock you up based on lies in mass amounts just like Hitler did!

This is the time for the reverse and since the gov. is allowing her to do this for a particular purpose it may be time for a coup de' tat lest mass amounts of innocent people end up in jail or prison of the darker persuation.

Anonymous said...


They don't care about the law. They are abandoning the law for a while to accomplish a certian purpose.

Wake up people!

The Wash Teacher said...

I am responding to an anonymous person who commented that I should consider moderating comments as they objected to the statement 'throw her out Hitler style' and suggested that there are death threats against Rhee on this blog such as" she should pack her bags and head for hell and may she rest well in hell."

While I considered your comment, I respectfully disagree with your analysis and do not believe these comments constitute death threats against Rhee. Sorry if you disagree.

Anonymous said...

I am watching Bishop Eddie Long.
He just made a comment that the Devil lies....Sound familiar??
He suggested we need to pray for
these kinds of people.

Anonymous said...

Please check out "Waiting for Superman" the upcoming docufilm/movie to release in theaters near you. Rhee's support hollywood style may be heading toward international levels in a public relations campaign like no other. --The school system is broken because teachers and their unions are criminally bad and concerned reform leaders like Rhee are here to save the day!-- Never mind policy decisions made to profit off our children left beind. A get rich opportunity for vultures seeking to make education a private industry.

Anonymous said...

What will the city counsel do? Nothing!

They do a lot of talking, but take no action.

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